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Our Guarantee:

Working with AltoCredit puts you in control of your credit repair process. With AltoCredit, you are assigned 2 representatives who will work together to ensure your satisfaction. You will work with an experienced credit repair advisor to guide you through repairing your old negative credit and building new positive credit. Your second dedicated point of contact will be your client experience manager. Your client experience manager will contact you on a monthly basis to answer any new questions and provide regular updates of your credit repair process. 

Credit repair is a complicated process and we put our best effort in ensuring customer results. We offer a 90 Day guarantee that promises as a paying customer, you will see results in our credit repair program. Results are referred to at least one (1) removed or repaired account from either TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax credit bureaus. Most of our clients see accounts deleted or repaired from their credit reports within the first 45 days. In the case that a client does not see benefits that quickly, we will work up to 90 days to see new favorable results. If results are not realized within the first 90 days of credit repair then our guarantee comes into effect. 

Our Guarantee: 

After 90 Days of credit repair, if nothing changes in your credit profile, you will no longer pay for AltoCredit credit repair services. AltoCredit will continue to work on your credit repair file for the next 90 days at no additional cost. If any items are removed or repaired on your credit reports while on guarantee, the client will not be charged for any of the changes regardless of the amount of corrections the client sees. For example: if you are under guarantee and after day 91, you see 5 deleted accounts, you will not be charged for those accounts. AltoCredit will continue to offer our services complimentary and process additional rounds of disputes in an effort to remove more accounts from your credit report. You will still have access to your assigned advisor team and you can still track your progress through your secure client portal.  

Voiding the Guarantee: 

a) Clients must have an active credit monitoring service that we can access to track the progress of our credit repair services. If we are not able to access a credit monitoring service then the guarantee will be void. By logging into the credit monitoring service, AltoCredit will be able to compare changes in customer's credit reports month by month. We must be able to pull a new credit report to audit accounts that have been removed or repaired successfully. 

b) Clients with any failed payments within the first 90 days of credit repair service will automatically void their guarantee. Clients must not have a past due account and any arrears monies must be paid in full before the 90 day mark.

Remember, our client's come first. We understand credit repair and we understand customer service. When our advisors work with an AltoCredit client, the client comes first. Many clients come to us after a poor experience with other credit repair companies. Do not worry, if you come to us after trying another service, we will still guarantee our work! Our job is to show you the AltoCredit difference. 

See the results from other customers below:

10 out of 10 Negative Items Deleted

This client was so excited to see her new credit results. All negatives had been removed from her TransUnion credit report. Since then she was approved for several new credit cards to build new credit. She also consolidated her existing student loans ..

165 Point increase across all 3 bureaus

This client was in our program for 6 months and had his scores increase over 165 points combined. Experian increased +22 points. Equifax increased +81 points. TransUnion increased +62 points. AltoCredit Advisors LLC. 844..

322 Point increase in 8 months

Over the course of eight months, this customer's credit has increased a total of +322 points. We can review your credit report and help you achieve maximum results too! Experian increased +62 Points Equifax increased +133 Points ..

5 Negative Accounts Removed

In this particular round, our client was very pleased to see negatives being removed from her credit report. 1) Chase/Bank One Card Serv. was DELETED 2)First Premier Bank was DELETED 3)Midland Funding(1) was DELETED 4)Midland Funding (2) w..

5 out of 6 Negative Items Deleted

Here we can see 5 out of the 6 items being reported were deleted from the credit report this round. Next round we anticipate another successful turnout. We are passionate about helping out clients. We enjoy when customers achieve their goals. W..

Chase removes negative from credit reports

Chase Bank wrote our customer explaining they will Delete the negative reporting from this client's credit report. Consumers have rights expressed under FCRA. If you are interested in working on your credit with an experienced team, give us a call. ..

Your dreams are the reality of a successful credit repair program. Talk to an advisor today and let's work on repairing your past and building your future. 

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