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It is common in these economic times to hear that many are suffering from bad credit. In fact, there is now millions of American who are suffering from poor credit. They are unable to get the loans, credit, or the buying power they need to survive in an economy built on credit. Fortunately, AltoCredit Advisors LLC becomes the opportunity people need to get through these economic times.

The company has helped many clients with their credit reports, and financial needs. These clients were helped with the use of proven methods that resulted in success to give a second opportunity to those with a credit crisis.

Early in 2014, AltoCredit Advisors LLC opened a new division that would cater to small business clients who were seeking an opportunity to succeed in starting, or growing their business. AltoCredit Advisors gives business clients an opportunity to grow their business credit, and access to a network of lenders who would lend to a business entity, not on personal credit. Many business owners are looking for competitive lenders who will give them access to affordable lending while establishing business credit.

What the Company Does

AltoCredit Advisors LLC is a company composed of a team that is meant to help clients repair their credit, not just efficiently, but also quickly. Our team works diligently to help gain back a competitive edge with their credit report and credit score. We develop a tailored step-by-step plan to work with Experian, Equifax and Transunion to rectify erroneous, misleading, outdated, fraudulent negative items from these bureaus. Clients will receive step-by-step guidance to rebuild, and establish new credit.

AltoCredit Business gives business owners a team composed of an AltoCredit Advisor, a certified lending officer, and a certified credit expert to give them step-by-step guidance to establish business credit and access to lending simultaneously. It is a proven process that allows business owners to gain a competitive edge with their business without using personal credit.

The Team

Our team is composed of certified agents who came from different sectors of the financial industry. With the combined efforts of the company and the team, we bring forward our complete understanding about financial planning and credit laws. Our team is equipped with all the knowledge to create proven and effective credit solutions for every client.

A Little History About the Company

The company has been developing for several years, but it has been in working in the credit industry for over a decade. We are located in the tri-state area servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A company first started based on referrals, we are now growing with each client’s success at a time.


Meet Our Team

Erica Bonilla

President/ Owner

Erica is passionate about helping others succeed financially and has dedicated her career on giving others a peace of mind by finding solutions in their financial situations. She graduated fro..

Keri-ann Lounse

Client Experience Manager

Keri is the reason for AltoCredit's exceptional client reviews. Keri has been working with AltoCredit for three years and brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to our family...



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